About Us

Great cooking can only be realized when great people are there to enjoy it.

A funny thing happened back in 2002. We were mistakenly delivered the wrong letters to the name of our restaurant. You see, Calagero’s was actually supposed to be named Calogero’s, after our Italian grandfather. Seems we were one “A” too many, and one “O” too few.

Pressed to open our doors to the public, it was agreed to move ahead, with the promise of fixing the glaring typo once we came across some free time. We quickly learned that the words “free” and “time” were as elusive as an open table on a Saturday night, and before we knew it, the misspelled version had become rooted in the community. As the restaurant grew in popularity, we too grew with trepidation when it came to changing something that had worked so well. Inevitably, we chose to do the smart thing – nothing.

Until now.

With so many wonderful changes happening to our restaurant, we felt it was only fitting that the name itself also be reconstructed to its intended form. And though Calogero’s might not be easy to remember at first, we are confident that the smell of delicious food, and warmth of familiar smiles, against the backdrop of a grander venue, will make it even harder to forget.

Customers come first. So much so that we named our restaurant after the ultimate one – Calogero – who loved his wife Marie as much as her delectable cooking. And while most establishments would be named after the latter, we stuck to what mattered most.

Reminding ourselves, in big and bold font, that great cooking can only be realized when great people are there to enjoy it.